The Foundation serves students throughout eleven communities on a variety of work-ready programs. The Attainable Futures is a flagship program that prepares sophomores and junior high school students for the workplace. The Foundation also offers an annual scholarship for those furthering their education and through collaboration may manage scholarships on behalf of a separate business.

Additionally, the Foundation connects with the area school districts to position businesspeople in the classroom for a variety of activities and engagements.

To further advance the mission and nurture the importance of community engagement, the Young Professionals of Chamber630 host a Community Leadership component at every monthly meeting, providing basic needs for a variety of non-profit organizations.

Through a combination of programs, scholarships, and community leadership, the Foundation has used its role to carve out a unique position at the complex intersection point of workforce development, education, and economic development.

Mission & Vision

Mission: 630 Workforce Education Foundation provides educational programs to the workforce and future workforce for the benefit of all stakeholders throughout the Chamber630 business communities, as aligned with the mission of Chamber630.Vision: Those we serve are equipped with comprehensive information and skills to address the changing demands and challenges of the workforce.
Website: https://www.630wef.org/

630 Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to students who are interested in furthering their education at a technical/trade school, or college/university. Those eligible are Members or students of Member business employees. The 2020 Application Process is closed, check back this fall for more details for the 2021 630 Scholarship!

Attainable Futures

This program addresses work readiness for sophomores and juniors, assisting them in career paths, job application completion to resume, business etiquette, interview techniques, typical job expectations, etc. Students are provided transportation to various businesses for four half-day sessions, concluding with a celebratory luncheon. For more information contact Laura Crawford at laura@chamber630.com.


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Scholarship Hosting

Businesses that want to contribute to the future workforce through their own scholarship program and would prefer assistance in its management, may contact Laura Crawford at laura@chamber630.com.


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