On behalf of the Chamber630 Board of Directors, we are proud to announce the following candidates to serve as Directors beginning on October 1, 2019.


Unknown-4Tom Bennington, Lawrence Kamin, LLC

Paul Kludac Professional PicPaul Kludac, Detail Kings

DSC_1986aReese Krajniak, Legal-Ease Law Clinic

Unknown-3Sandra Price, Employee Solutions Group

0Jonathan Twitty, State Farm


In accordance to the bylaws, additional nominations may be made by any Active Member in good standing upon presentation of a petition for nomination signed by at least fifty [50] Active Members in good standing. Such petitions must be delivered to the Nominating Committee at the office of the Chamber with original signatures, within ten [10] calendar days after the date of announcement of the nominees (August 12, 2019) by the Board or its representative.