Chamber630 Members are some of the most compassionate people. We have received many requests to channel assistance to the Houston area. If you are interested in helping Hurricane Harvey victims through a fellow Members and a Chamber of Commerce, please see the suggestions below.

The Texas City-LaMarque Chamber

in the Houston area is surrounded by those in need:
• Buy or make a greeting card, sharing a good wish or a positive quote in your card.
• Get a $25 Gift Card from one the following: The Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Visa/MasterCard
• Add the gift card to the greeting card and seal the envelope.
• Write your return address – Chamber or personal – on the envelope.
• On the back top left corner, write dollar amount and store of the gift card (i.e., 25-Home Depot)
• Place the envelope in another and address it to the Chamber:

Texas City-LaMarque Chamber
Attn: Jenny Senter
9702 E.F. Lowry Expressway
Texas City, Texas 77590

The Life Church

Please drop off any donations on the front porch of our church building.

There are many, many ways to help and you can certainly find a lot of options. These are just a few.

We wish you all the best, Texas!