Tax Matters

There are two major drags on the success of your financial plan: fees and taxes. Fees are necessary to get professional management and advice and usually average about 1.5%. You should evaluate the value you get by paying fees at least annually. Taxes are a significantly bigger drag than fees. The lowest capital gains tax rate is 15% or ten times as much as the average advisor fee. If you can minimize the tax drag on your wealth accumulation and retirement drawdown strategies, you can significantly increase cash flow and family wealth. Click on this link to get the details of the 2018 tax law and how it may impact you.

If anyone wants to sign up for our Affordable Family Office service before the end of March, we will include your 2017 tax preparation.

Security Matters

At D3 Financial Counselors, we take security and especially cyber security very seriously.  We deal with sensitive and confidential client information and take numerous steps to protect our clients’ information. These are summarized below:

  1. We limit physical access to client information maintained by D3 on our network. No employee can access our network unless they are physically in one of our offices.
  2. We limit physical access to D3 workstations in our office. No D3 workstation can be accessed without a Yubikey to unlock the computer.
  3. All sensitive client information on paper is either behind a locked door or in locked file every night.
  4. We educate our employees to not open email and attachments from sources they do not know or recognize.
  5. We have a privacy policy whereby we do not disclose any information to anyone unless our clients direct us to do so. Click on this link to view D3’s privacy policy.

Regulation Matters

We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). As CFP® professionals, we are required to act in a Fiduciary manner with our clients. We take that responsibility very seriously as reflected in our core values of “Ethics, Education & Experience™.” We are also required to provide all clients and prospects our form ADV (practice management document required by the SEC). Please click on this link to review our ADV Brochure and Resume Supplement.

Communication Matters

We want to make everyone aware that we have been working for months to improve the look and feel of our website. Our goal was to keep the comprehensive nature, but make it more logical and easier to navigate. We are getting close to finishing it and look to put it into production before the end of April.  Don’t be surprised by the new look and let us know how you like the improvements.