Dear Mayor and Trustees,

I write this letter behalf of the 700 business Members of Chamber630, formerly the Woodridge and Downers Grove Area Chambers of Commerce, regarding the suggestion of a moratorium on all office/warehouse developments adjacent to residential districts, in order to develop stricter regulations for the placement of industrial warehouses in proximity of residential neighborhoods.

While we recognize the residential interest, the impact this suggestion would have on the Village would be wide-spread and negatively influence future economic development. What may appear to be a simple suggestion is directly addressed in two areas of the Chamber’s Legislative Platform as outlined below:

We support economically viable regulation that fosters sustainability and green practices. Supported strategy includes:

Streamlined and simplified environmental rules and regulations that offer maximum operational flexibility, reduced administrative burden and expense and do not hinder economic development and job creation.

“…do not hinder economic development and job creation” are the key words, in this position. The suggestion of stricter regulations than the surrounding area, would hinder economic development, job creation within in the Village, possibly lower the property tax base, affect 87% of all office/warehouse development in the Village and negatively impede upon 122 businesses (that have already gained Village approval) and almost 6,000 employees. As the EPA continues to increase regulation across all borders, it’s unthinkable that consideration be given to an idea that would isolate the entire community with unfriendly business regulations.

Business Climate
We support government, fiscal, insurance and employment policies that make the region, Illinois and the United States more competitive.

Diesel emissions are regulated through the federal and state governments so as to not create disparity among neighbors allowing for a level playing field in business attraction and retention. Again, stricter regulations would be detrimental to future business growth in the Village with a non-competitive disadvantage.

On behalf of the 700 businesses and 68,156 taxpayers of Chamber630, please do not consider the suggestion of a moratorium on office/warehouse developments in order to develop stricter regulations for the Village of Woodridge. If you have any questions about the position of Chamber630, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Laura Crawford
President & CEO

cc: Board of Directors, Village of Woodridge Plan Commission