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CHICAGO, Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlueStone Advisors, a specialty commercial insurance brokerage firm, and ICE Cybersecurity, a full-service cybersecurity risk management company, have announced a partnership aimed at helping organizations better understand, quantify, and mitigate cyber risk rapidly.

Through the partnership, BlueStone Advisors’ recently announced CyberASAP™ process which leverages the Integrated Cybersecurity Engine (ICE), ICE Cybersecurity’s proprietary cybersecurity management platform, to assess an organization’s risks that could adversely affect their ability to obtain cyber-coverage or increase their premiums. Integration of ICE Cybersecurity in the CyberASAP™ process allows clients to rapidly identify risk, remediate vulnerabilities, enact mitigation strategies, and obtain preferred insurance coverages and rates. The two firms will also pool their expertise to collaborate on research, analysis, and identify future cybersecurity trends.

“2022 is projected to be one of the most challenging years on record for cyber risk, and the integration of ICE CyberSecurity into CyberASAP™ allows insureds to unite IT, CyberSecurity, and Finance into the intricate underwriting process,” said Andrew Royce, President of BlueStone Advisors. “By collaborating with ICE CyberSecurity, we are providing clients with immediate and tangible strategies to mitigate cyber risk and lower insurance premiums in an increasingly difficult cybersecurity landscape.”

“The cyber-insurance market is in a state of upheaval due to the unprecedented ransomware attacks in the last several years. Innovative cyber insurance brokers have the opportunity to play a critical role in helping their clients proactively manage cyber risk, helping them reduce cost and, above all, prevent breach,” said Ford Winslow, CEO at ICE CyberSecurity. “This partnership represents an exciting new trend in cybersecurity. By collaborating with BlueStone Advisors, we are teaming up to help clients tighten their risk management strategy, mitigate potential liability and be confident in whatever business strategy they pursue. This partnership aligns perfectly and supports ICE’s mission of helping our clients thrive through cybersecurity.”

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BlueStone Advisors is a specialty commercial insurance broker that provides Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits, Captive Services and Cyber Insurance. BlueStone Advisors delivers brokerage solutions that reduce the total cost of risk, insurance, and benefit plans that strengthen an organization’s human capital.   Additional information can be found at

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ICE Cybersecurity is a leading provider of cybersecurity insights and intelligence for businesses. Founded on the idea that businesses can thrive in today’s technology-dependent world only if they are confident in their cybersecurity, the ICE team has been helping clients grow, reduce risk and prevent breach since 2016. Be secure, be confident. Additional information can be found at

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