Dear Mayor and Members of Village of Downers Grove Council,

Thank you for allowing staff to attend a recent Chamber630 Legislative Impact meeting to educate the
business community on the proposed Food & Beverage Tax. There was a robust discussion, many
questions and a few suggestions that staff has recorded for consideration. As you further this ordinance,
please make your decision with a clear understanding that it will be a burden on effected businesses
(monthly reporting with possible fines, likely increase of prices, printing costs, re-training, etc.).

As you consider this tax -not taken lightly by any party, on behalf of the businesses in Chamber630 we
ask that you open your agenda to consider new opportunity for those who will provide the Village with
this needed revenue. Please reconsider the option of video gaming machines at the locations of viable,
tax paying partners of the Village of Downers Grove.

Several communities have successfully introduced, controlled and benefited from this business
opportunity. Woodridge is a great example, introducing a limited pilot program with a reassessment
after one year. Your colleagues at DuPage Mayors & Managers will testify that the municipalities have
not fallen to dismal crime activity in the pursuit of video gaming.

Again, on behalf of those providing the Village with the necessary revenue you’ll be requesting of
businesses tonight, Chamber630 asks that you consider video gaming for them.



Laura Crawford
President & CEO