Chamber630, joined more than 300 state and local business associations from across all 50 states in expressing its support for a modernized North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and urging the Trump administration to “do no harm” as negotiations continue.


In a letter sent to President Donald Trump, 314 state and local chambers of commerce reiterated the business community’s strong support for NAFTA and the millions of American jobs it supports.


“Business leaders across the country know first-hand that trade with Canada and Mexico has created American jobs, boosted economic growth, and strengthened local economies,” the letter reads. “But we know we can do even more to seize the benefits of trade with our North American neighbors.”


The message conveyed in the letter demonstrates a U.S. business community united in support of a constructive renegotiation process and a modernized NAFTA – and against continued threats of withdrawal from the agreement.


“NAFTA effects products we use and consume every day, from your car to what you eat for lunch. Current U.S. proposals address an increase from 62.5% in the share of a car from NAFTA countries. We don’t want to drive more businesses overseas nor increase costs for American consumers,” said Laura Crawford, president & CEO of Chamber630.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Thomas Donohue, speaking in Mexico City on Tuesday, said the rules of origin proposal would send more business overseas. Donohue pledged to fight “like hell” to defend NAFTA if Trump tries to pull out.


Members of the U.S. Congress also received copies of the letter, which is available online here.


“We urge you to support America’s workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses of all sizes by protecting and preserving the deep economic ties and benefits the United States continues to enjoy under NAFTA,” the letter concludes. Negotiations have been extended until October 17, 2017.


View the letter to President Trump signed by 300+ Chambers of Commerce here.