Economic Recovery Must be a Top Priority for the Business Community

Chambers All In for Economic Recovery releases its 2022 platform below. The overarching
message is the same as previous: economic recovery must be a top priority for the business
community. As we approach the second anniversary of the pandemic’s declaration with
continued efforts against COVID-19, unintended consequences for the effort to stop the spread
of COVID-19 have surmounted and they risk permanently stunting the prosperity of Illinois’

If enacted, the following items will help bolster a business bottom line and allow for continued
growth and investment in Illinois.

• Utilize American Rescue Plan Act funding to help replenish the unemployment trust fund
alleviate the impending financial drain from the state’s businesses.

• Provide legal protections to employers who follow the CDC established safety guidelines
from claims that COVID-19 was contracted at the place of business.

• Extend and expand the Minimum Wage Credit for an additional three years by carrying
over each tier of credit for an extra calendar year. For example, the 13 percent credit for reporting periods beginning on or after January 1, 2023, and ending on or before December 31, 2023, would now end on
or before December 31, 2024, under the proposed extension/expansion.

• Extend the EDGE credit sunset clause out for another ten years and utilize the tax credit
as an incentive to attract new businesses to the state and allow for the growth and
development of existing companies.

In addition to the items above, Chambers All In for Economic Recovery calls for collaborative
solutions to the state’s ongoing workforce challenges. The coalition recognizes the importance of
having a ready, willing and skilled workforce for the future of our state’s economy. We call on
the state to develop innovative programs, support pilot programs, invest in K-12 career
awareness programming and assist in scaling successful workforce programs for other
communities and industries. We urge Illinois legislators to create an environment and funding
models that allow the private sector to drive the training demand for employers.

Chambers All In for Economic Recovery will monitor legislative activities for items that
specifically support economic recovery or may hinder ongoing recovery efforts. The coalition
may act in such cases to bolster support or join in opposition.