Downers Grove, ILDecember 19, 2022 – The Downers Grove Public Library has been recognized as a 5-Star library, named as one of the top public libraries in the country by Library Journal!


DGPL has been named one of the top ten libraries in the country within its budget bracket. This year, Library Journal surveyed 5,359 public libraries; only 258 (4.8%) received a star rating, and only 85 (1.5%) received the highest 5-star rating. The magazine recognizes public libraries based on direct measures of library service including statistics such as circulation of physical and electronic materials, annual visitors, program attendance, and public computer/WiFi use. This data is from the Institute of Museum and Library Services Public Library Survey, which includes the Illinois Public Library Annual Report submitted by the state of Illinois. 


“We’re thrilled to receive this honor. I want to congratulate each and every staff member for their contributions to making DGPL a 5-star library! It is affirming that DGPL received this honor as we implemented our purpose statement: ‘DGPL is a place for everyone to Discover, Grow, Play, and Learn’ and our values: lifelong learning, equal access for all, fostering relationships, responsibility, and the freedom to seek, receive, and share information. These stars reflect the staff’s hard work and dedication to making a difference in our community, fulfilling that purpose, and embodying our values.” said library Director, Julie Milavec. 


Library Journal, a professional magazine reporting library news and professional practice, recognizes excellence with two annual awards: the Star Libraries recognition and the Movers and Shakers awards, which recognize outstanding library staff.  DGPL is proud to have received both awards this year. In May of 2022, Cindy Khatri and Van McGary were announced as 2022 Movers and Shakers – Change Agents by Library Journal. In 2020, Downers Grove Public Library was rated as a 4-star library by Library Journal, placing DGPL as one of the top 4.4% of public libraries surveyed in that year.