Downers Grove Grade School District 58 announces that 31 students will progress from the regional to the state PTA Reflections competition.

Reflections is a national PTA arts recognition and achievement program for students. Through Reflections, students in preschool through 12th grade are invited to submit works of art in six areas: dance, film production, literature, music, photography and visual arts. The theme for the 2016-17 program is “What is Your Story?” The Illinois PTA will likely announce the state PTA Reflections award recipients this spring.

Advancing students include:

Audrey Anderson, Lester

Rose Balicki, Hillcrest

Kira Bloomfield, Fairmount

Kyra Cain, O’Neill

Elijah Chen, Herrick

Gabrielle Chen, Highland

Victoria Colorato, Fairmount

Rylie Conway, Pierce Downer

Lauren Deacy, El Sierra

Jaclyn Duellman, Herrick

Teddy Dulles, Fairmount

Payson Horn-Salerno, O’Neill

Ava Jarman, El Sierra

Reese Lingertot, Highland

Alexandra McDonald, Highland

Eliot Michaels, Herrick

Sydney Miller, Pierce Downer

William Mulligan, Belle Aire

Tim Neumann, O’Neill

Drew Norris, Kingsley

Linnea Peckenpaugh, Lester

Sydney Peterson, Pierce Downer

Arcelia Pozo, Highland

Gabby Ruchniewicz, Fairmount

Conner Ryan, Herrick

Elizabeth Scannell, Hillcrest

Matthew Sirota, Henry Puffer

Marlo Thurman, Lester

Alexandra Topor, Kingsley

Jacob Valadez, Fairmount

Emily Van Houtan, Pierce Downer


For more information, please contact Megan Hewitt, community relations coordinator, at 630-719-5805 or