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The DuPage County Board approved the 2017 budget on Tuesday, marking the ninth consecutive year the County has passed a budget with no property tax increase. The 2017 budget is $433.8 million, which is $10.6 million less than last year’s approved budget of $444.4 million.

“For the last six years of my administration, we have made a commitment to live within our means while offering the highest level of service to our residents without raising property taxes,” said County Board Chairman Dan Cronin. “The residents of DuPage County tell us frequently that they appreciate our efforts to provide local government services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.”

Since taking office in 2010, Cronin has cut more than $43.9 million from the county’s budget. The 2017 spending plan includes $53.5 million in capital projects for stormwater, drainage and road construction.

Paul Fichtner, Chairman of the County Board’s Finance Committee, said the property tax levy will stay at $66.9 million.

“Our fiscally conservative approach to budgeting has allowed us to keep property taxes flat for the last nine years. While we have faced an uncertain budget scenario at the state level, our continuous efforts to find savings and innovate locally have served DuPage residents well,” Fichtner said.

The budget includes a $100,000 allocation to continue the fight against heroin in DuPage County. It also includes $50,000 to establish the Clean and Lien program to remove, repair or demolish abandoned buildings on properties that have been foreclosed upon and clear the land for sale or development.

The DuPage County budget takes effect Dec. 1.

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