DuPagePads is pleased to recognize Lou Holland, Jr. as the 2020 Spirit Award recipient during the 18th annual Wake Up Your Spirit Day on Wed. November 4th.

The Spirit Award recognizes someone who has set an example for the DuPage community in terms of service to DuPagePads’ mission, demonstrates their support through years of volunteerism and involvement, and uses their voice to advocate for those who are struggling with homelessness.

“Lou embodies a spirit of helping others,” said April Redzic, President and CEO of DuPagePads, “Lou has shared his passion and heart of service with us, and since I started at DuPagePads, and has become a source of fantastic advice while we prepare the next steps in our strategy to end homelessness here in DuPage County.”

Holland, a DuPage County resident, was first involved as a volunteer at one of DuPagePads’ Interim Housing locations. He later expanded his service to those homeless in the DuPage community by joining the DuPagePads Board of Directors in 2011, where he served until 2016. Holland also supports with donations from locally owned Schmaltz Deli in Naperville and Wheaton, providing bagels and other food items for various DuPagePads events and clients. As a Visionary Pads Partner, Holland continues to be a strong supporter of the mission to end homelessness in DuPage County through his volunteerism, event participation and voice.

“I can’t thank you enough for this honor,” shared Holland, “I am truly humbled by it. I never got involved with PADs for recognition or awards, but I truly appreciate your kindness.”

Holland is scheduled to accept his award via video presentation on November 4th during the 18th annual Wake Up Your Spirit Day virtual benefit. Virtual Attendee tickets are $25 and all proceeds will benefit DuPagePads clients and provided services to end homelessness. Register now at https://e.givesmart.com/events/inf/