Anthony literally had no where to go before coming to DuPagePadsNow, he has a career and recently spoke at the DuPage County Board Meeting for the proclamation of “Workforce Development Week.”

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“I was going through some hard times in my personal life and was staying at a local health facility. When I couldn’t stay there any longer, I was referred to DuPagePads. I literally had nowhere else to go,” Anthony shares.

At DuPagePads, Anthony utilized a variety of the agency’s programs and services.

“I would sleep at the Interim (Overnight) Housing sites and I took advantage of their case management program,” Anthony says. “Once my health had stabilized, I began working with DuPagePads Career Employment Solutions program. Through this program, they helped me update my resume, offered me job coaching and financial guidance.”

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When Anthony was ready to start interviewing, DuPagePads Employment Support Specialist Carlos Johnson introduced Anthony to workNet DuPage, a career center based out of Lisle, Illinois.

“With the combined support from DuPagePads and workNet DuPage, I was able to obtain a career at Spraying Systems in Carol Stream,” Anthony beams.

Spraying Systems has hired several employees as referrals from DuPagePads. Spraying Systems Vice President of Human Resources Jim Yehling says, “We are happy to help hard-working people and give them a second chance. Spraying Systems values the ongoing partnership we have had with DuPagePads for many years.”

This August, Anthony was honored as a guest speaker at the DuPage County Board meeting for the proclamation of “Workforce Development Week.”

“This opened up a whole new world for Anthony. To have a job and now speak at the County Board meeting is the beginning of many future opportunities. I’m so excited for Anthony and was honored to work with him,” Carlos says.

Anthony’s outlook on the future is optimistic, “Now DuPagePads is assisting me to find permanent housing. I don’t know where I would be without them. I want to give a big thank you to DuPagePads and their network of supporters for all of their services that have brought me so far from where I started.”