Being one of the few companies that can claim this distinction makes FSWA different from other firms.

“We’ve built FourStar as a place where investors receive education and training while working with their advisor, to help meet their family’s needs. We focus on what wealthy families and sophisticated investors really need, a very broad platform of investing programs and services that most firms cannot or will not offer. We create discussions around what clients want and need, not like other firms that just sell things or push products! We are very proud that Advisory HQ and others have taken notice in the Chicago Midwest market and now nationally, of our tireless efforts. We like to think we are building the “wealth management firm of the future”! — Brian Kasal CEO FSWA

Excerpts from Advisory HQ’s independent review of FSWA:

Compared to other financial advisors in Chicago, FourStar Wealth Advisors has one of the most comprehensive and dynamic philosophies, making them an excellent choice for clients that want a holistic approach to their financial health writes Advisory HQ.

FourStar provides great value for their clients through approaching financial management in a way that creates long-term relationships, supporting collaboration and financial success.

In keeping with their drive to collaborate and create partnerships with their clients, FourStar Wealth Advisors places a strong emphasis on empowering clients to improve their financial literacy.

Located directly on the firm’s website is a wide range of educational resources, including:

·        Articles

·        Videos

·        Local Events

·        Podcasts

·        Blogs


Not many Chicago financial advisors provide such a diverse array of resources to their clients, making FourStar stand out as a top Chicago financial planner. FSWA is honored to have this unsolicited award bestowed upon our company.

About Advisory HQ:

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