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Direct Access Screening Colonoscopy- 630-275-4510
Detects colon and rectal conditions, such as colon cancer. Polyp removal during this procedure can prevent certain types of cancer from developing. Adults should be screened at age 50, with or without symptoms.

Lung Cancer Screening- 708-304-9400
For adults ages 55-77 who have a long history of heavy smoking or, has quit in the past 15 years. This screening detects lung cancer early when treatment is most effective. It requires a physician referral.

Healthy Heart Non-invasive CT- 708-304-9400
Helps determine your risk for a heart attack, Detects coronary calcium deposits in the arteries of your heart which can be an indicator of heart disease.

Screening Mammogram – 708-304-9400 or directly online at  The most effective tool for detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages. It is recommended for females aged 40 and above.

Spine and back pain- 1-800-3-ADVOCATE
For those suffering from back and neck pain. A “one stop shop” for information and treatment options lead by an expert care navigator.

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