Giving DuPage hosts an annual workshop which they’ve expanded to a full day conference. They’re bringing the experts directly to you and have aimed high! In addition to some amazing local experts, JOAN GARRY is coming to town to meet you.


Who is Joan Garry?

  • She writes a highly successful, actionable blog for staff AND board leaders reaching 100,000 leaders from 150 countries.
  • Joan also has the #1 nonprofit podcast on iTunes, Nonprofits Are Messy and is the author of Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership.  
  • Joan is a regular on NBC’s new weekly show, GIVE, where celebrities visit two nonprofits to divvy up charitable dollars.
  • She recently launched The Nonprofit Leadership Lab – a membership site offering a deeper dive, with more regular access to Joan, her team and her own village of experts.  
  • Here’s an example of Joan’s advice on the Recipe for a Perfect Fundraising Lunch


What will she talk about?

  • Joan’s keynote address will cover the Key Attributes of Thriving Nonprofits including the single most important attribute of a healthy nonprofit organization
  • Her 90-minute interactive workshop will cover a very important part of her formula for successful fundraising – Compelling story + Credible messenger = Fundraising success
  • In conversations with Joan, she promised workshop attendees would learn how to tell their own compelling story – so your organization will have this part of the fundraising formula done!


What are the other topics and who are the experts?

  • the Founder of TEDx Naperville will help your org discover the Experiential Economy to create unforgettable event experiences and how to infuse experiences in small ways
  • Paul Gregory Media will share How to Turn Up Your Brand Advocacy Online, leveraging your brand for social capital fundraising and create awareness
  • Remove the anxiety and hear from Dugan & Lopatka on How to Take The Sting Out of Your Financial Audit


Who is invited to the conference?

  • Nonprofit staff AND board members – in particular Joan will be addressing the Executive Director & Board Chair relationship
  • Government leaders
  • Schools/colleges/universities
  • Any organization that wants to learn how to Tell Their Own Compelling Story!


Details & registration at Please share this information with others and thank you for your consideration of this event! – the Giving DuPage team