People with health concerns have a place to go and get answers

to their questions. Be Fit Physical Therapy & Pilates, 4934 Main Street in Downers Grove, Ill., will provide

free 30-minute health screenings on Thursday, June 14, 2018, in observance of National Men’s Health Week

(June 11 – 17). They are open to men and women alike. The screenings will cover:

  •  Blood Pressure
  •  Body Fat/Body Mass Index
  •  Health Education
  •  Nutritional Counseling
  •  Weight
  •  Muscle, joint or nerve pain
  •  Old/new injuries

As part of the screenings, individuals will receive educational materials to take with them. Men are more affected than women are by a range of diseases, from cancer and heart disease to pneumonia. Owing to cultural mores that discourage men from seeking help, these diseases contribute to men’s men’s higher mortality rate.

Women play a critical role in men seeking healthcare because they strongly affect health decisions in families, according to the Men’s Health Network.

“This is so important because men tend to shy away from visiting the doctor and as a result put their health and longevity at risk,” said Mary Lou Savino, Be Fit owner and therapist. “By offering this program, we feel that we can contribute to affecting their behavior and ultimately make them more active participants in their own health maintenance.”


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