Featuring Chamber630 Member, Don Duncan of D3 Financial Counselors LLC

Team Money to the rescue: our experts give advice on jobs, finances, and fashion to three professionals ready for a change. Full Article.

Are you yearning to make a big change to your career? Maybe you’re ready to take a big leap in responsibilities. Maybe you’d like to stay relevant in a shifting workplace. Or maybe you just want to get on a different track altogether.

Whatever your dream, wouldn’t you be happy to inhabit your own little Cinderella story—one in which a team of experts swoops in with wise counsel to put you in reach of your career goal? Wouldn’t it be great to have a lineup of advisers offering practical strategies on how to get an edge and unlock your full potential?

That’s the fantasy that Money has made a reality for the three professionals in this story. They’re at different stages of their career, each with a different goal and each facing different challenges in reaching it. Coming to their rescue with advice tailored especially for them are four specialized pros: a human resources consultant, a job coach, a certified financial planner, and an image consultant.

What our three subjects have in common with one another—and perhaps you—is a desire to make a major change, a willingness to listen to good advice, and a readiness to act on what they’ve heard. Read their stories and watch the videos below to learn about the challenges they face and the solutions that Money’s experts have devised. And prepare to take full advantage of their wisdom in order to land work that’s a great fit for you. In other words, get ready for the next dream career makeover: yours.


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