Local artisans handcrafted work supports local organizations


Loaves & Fishes Community Services and the Naperville Parks Foundation have partnered to auction limited artisan pieces created from the majestic Hobson Oak that stood near Hobson and Greene Roads for nearly two hundred and fifty years. The auction will take place at Loaves & Fishes Night to End Hunger event on August 25th, 2018 at the Hyatt Lodge in Oakbrook.


The legendary bur oak has become a piece of Naperville and DuPage County history, with roots tracing back to before the American Revolution, and shading Native Americans and settlers. It was carefully taken down in November 2016 with a promise to maintain its legacy through the Naperville Parks Foundation.


Several artists have obtained pieces of the Hobson Oak tree to create woodcrafts which will be available for bidding both at the Night to End Hunger event and simultaneously via the auction’s online bidding platform beginning 8-18-18. The link will be made available at www.loaves-fishes.org/events/night-to-end-hunger/hobson-oak-auction-items/, where more information can be obtained about the artists and the Hobson Oak pieces. In addition, ten Hobson Oak saplings will be available in the auction. Over the last two years The Morton Arboretum successfully germinated and nurtured the seedlings that grew from the oak’s acorns collected by volunteers.


“We have been taken aback by how much this tree meant to Naperville residents and the incredible stories that have been shared,” said Troy Cooper, President of the Naperville Parks Foundation. “The outpouring of interest and willingness to volunteer with this project is a true testament to what an amazing community we live in.”


“Loaves & Fishes considers it an honor and privilege to partner with The Naperville Parks Foundation to offer exquisite artisan works handcrafted from the magnificent Hobson Oak,” said Mike Havala, President & CEO of Loaves & Fishes Community Services.

All proceeds from the auction of Hobson Oak pieces will be split between Loaves & Fishes and the Naperville Parks Foundation. Twenty-five percent of the funds raised from the seedlings benefits The Morton Arboretum. For more information visit www.loaves-fishes.org and www.hobsonoak.com.