It is difficult to comprehend just how dire Illinois’ fiscal condition is today.

There is a way to understand it more easily. Take a look at the chart below, which compares the state’s finances to your own home budget.

Imagine if you only had $120 in your bank account, yet you have to find a way to pay $8,500 in past due bills with another $2,200 in bills on the way, not to mention $115,000 in credit card debt.

That’s Illinois right now. And that’s why I’m fighting to balance our budget and end the status quo.

Please use the chart below to show your friends and family just how bad things have become in Illinois. You can forward this email, save the image to use via text or social media, or click here to view the chart on Facebook so you can share with your friends.

Leslie Munger

Illinois Comptroller

IL Finances at a Glance