The Honorable Senator Chris Nybo
24th Legislative District
929 S. Main Street
Lombard, Illinois 60148

Dear Senator Nybo:

It has come to my attention members of the General Assembly may be planning to advance legislation to increase the tax on soda in the state. Chamber630 is a leading advocate and voice for businesses in the area. We are fortunate to have a vibrant business community, representing 700 area businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores and obviously, many others.

We are committed to fostering a prosperous business climate, therefore as you deliberate the state budget and consider ways to fill your budget deficit, we urge you to consider how a soda tax increase would adversely affect business owners, employees and residents of our communities, especially as the funds are not intended to reduce deficit but instead to fund a special interest group.

At a time when the economy remains fragile and Illinois has the second highest unemployment rate in the country, many of your constituents depend on beverage sales for part of their income. Now is the time for a budget to encourage, not hinder, job growth.

The hospitality and beverage industry spend more than $537 million annually. In the Chamber630 area many restaurants, grocery stores and others rely on beverage sales for part of their revenue. This bill has a direct impact on the businesses and their employees, your constituents.

This matter is very important to the hospitality Members of Chamber630. Please oppose SB1584. Thank you for your consideration.





Laura Crawford