The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which passed in part thanks to the efforts of many of you, is a generational funding commitment for our nation’s hard infrastructure – including roads and bridges, rail, transit, ports, airports, water infrastructure, electric grid, and broadband. To help you and your members understand what exactly is in the recent legislation, the latest updates on funding, and how your states and communities will be impacted, the U.S. Chamber recently updated our infrastructure website. is now a resource center with the information you and your members need to take advantage of this historic legislative victory. Be sure to check out the updated site and join in on the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #InfrastructureNow.  

This new resource center provides key facts about funding for transportation, water, broadband and energy, and also provides valuable information in the areas of permitting and equity opportunities.   There are also resources available by state.
Click Here to Visit the New Site