It’s you…the Members of Chamber630! You are the innovators, you are the initiators, the pacesetters and motivators, you are the visionaries, authors and worthy reformers. You know it – the Members of Chamber630 make this organization a great one and we’re giving back to you for growing your Chamber630 business while you build your business. Let’s celebrate Membership!

This month and next, Chamber630 is offering two completely different opportunities for you. The first, provides benefits in triplet; the second is business excellence recognition of your colleagues at the Chamber630 Awards Ceremony on August 24th.

New Member Recruitment Month is officially underway. If you recruit one new Member, you will receive one free Friday Member Bulletin; recruit two and you will receive not only the Friday Member Bulletin but two months of Digital Lobby Signage (a unique opportunity). If you recruit three new Members, you will receive all the aforementioned benefits plus a tabletop display at an upcoming luncheon. Feel free to bring your prospects to the office to meet with staff, various meetings, your referral group or the Business-Off-The-Clock at Parkers’ Restaurant & Bar on July 28th. Triple your benefits and build your business!

On August 24th, you can show your support for fellow colleagues while attending the 2016 Chamber630 Awards as well as brand your business through sponsorship opportunities that range from $50 – $1500. At this event, Chamber630 will recognize Individual Achievement: one Lifetime Achievement, one Young Business Professional; Community Contribution: one Not-For-Profit and one Philanthropic; as well as Business Excellence of several categories including the newest category, Bright Beginnings for Members of two years or less. Please mark your calendars for August 24th and join us at Hollywood Boulevard – Cinema, Bar and Eatery.

I hope you take the initiative, set the pace, motivate, follow your vision, write the script and create change – recruit a Member to build your business in July. Support your colleagues while branding your business in August.

Join us in celebrating YOU!