Tuesday, January 2, 2023


Entrepreneur Sandra Price Wants to Help You Create Stronger, More Profitable Businesses

2007 and 2008 were largely unprecedented times of economic uncertainty and social turmoil and entrepreneur Sandra Price felt this as much as anyone, as a financial consultant in the services industry.

Over the years, Sandra built a reputation through innovative strategies, financial management and an aggressive growth model. The rise of her business to national prominence was extraordinary, but behind the scenes, the outcome was far from certain. However, through trial-and-error Sandra grew her business and became an award-winning advisor.

But the true challenge was yet to come. In 2020 when COVID-19 came to the United States, 90% of Sandra’s contracts were canceled, which added up to thousands in topline losses. Since then, despite these setbacks, Sandra re-calibrated her focus on developing business strategies to combat the economic uncertainty and aimed to share these lessons with the world. She has put these lessons into a book designed to help entrepreneurs develop profitable and durable businesses. Today, Sandra is the founder and CEO of Profit Builder Coaching™, a small business growth firm that stoutly claims she can find ANY small business owner a minimum of $10,000 lying hidden in their business, guaranteed!

Sandra’s book draw lessons from her own experiences as well as broader trends from the post-covid world and distills them into a valuable easily understood format, offering simple strategies that build off each other and provide valuable insight into how to succeed in today’s economic landscape. Sandra’s goal is straightforward… to help serious entrepreneurs and small business owners generate more revenue and more profits quickly and inexpensively.

“To survive in this new economy, small business owners need to understand there is nowhere to hide. Their business is likely their most valued asset, and they need to elevate their strategy and systems to compete. Its imperative to strike a balance between growth and value, revenue and profit. The problem with most, is that they have no formal process to do that strategically and consistently. The vast majority attempt to generate more revenue by spending more money but fail to truly understand the real golden nuggets of their business are found internally by optimizing their current operations,” said Sandra Price, CEO.

If you are a small business owner, Sandra can show you where you are leaving at least $10,000 in hidden profit lying dormant in your business. Her goal is to show clients how to create a continuous cycle of improvement, innovation and combine those innovations with proven strategies and tactics that help them take their business to the next level.

In addition to her new book, Business Breakthrough Strategies™, The Profit Builder Coaching™ team has developed a certified training program for business owners and their teams. Profit Builder Online Coaching Academy.

The video lessons provide a step-by-step approach that enables any business to instantly improve their business value and see a dramatic increase in revenue and profits. And our Million Dollar Marketing Library provides additional resources without cost.

About Profit Builder Coaching

CEO, Sandra Price is an award-winning advisor, coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker and author.

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