Late last month, the U.S. Chamber launched to keep you posted on all the latest updates related to implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  We will, of course, continue sending you timely updates and hosting webinars on implementation of the new law.  However, this website will serve as an easily accessible online resource for you and our members.   Also, please do not miss your opportunity to tune in next Tuesday for the final installment of our Competition Series.  See Upcoming Events below.

Upcoming Events

  • Competition Series – As announced last month during the State of American Business event, the U.S. Chamber will host “The Competition” series of virtual events over the next several weeks. These virtual events will feature business leaders, lawmakers, and policy experts exploring how competition is shaping the future of talent, ideas, the marketplace, and global leadership. The final episode will be:  Tuesday, February 8th – Competition for Talent: Expanding Opportunities for the Workforce of Tomorrow.  Click here to register now.
  • Thursday, February 10th – Developing the Black-Owned Business Ecosystem – Join the Coalition to Back Black Businesses and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Equality of Opportunity Initiative for a one-hour virtual event highlighting the impact of the Coalition’s efforts to develop Black-owned businesses and what developments are needed to fully leverage their potential on Thursday, February 10th at 2:00 pm ET.  We will provide useful resources for Black small business owners looking to take their next step, especially as it relates to finding coaching, supplier diversity initiatives, and other resources available to them.  Click here to register now.