Loaves & Fishes Community Services has unveiled its new 2019 -2021 Strategic Plan to serve the community. The plan, titled “Lasting Impact”, builds on the successful completion of the prior Strategic Plan and outlines three key aspirations developed to address unmet needs and the growing population of the working poor.

“Our new Strategic Plan focuses on how we can significantly impact families’ lives through food and programs that promote overall health and self-sufficiency,” said Loaves & Fishes President & CEO Mike Havala. “We will do this through concentration on healthy food, other health initiatives, and an outcome-based approach for all of our programs to build strong foundations for self-sufficiency.”

Other aspects of the new Strategic Plan include the potential implementation of innovative delivery models and technology for food and other programs.

The plan was a culmination of months of discussion and analysis by Loaves & Fishes Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, donors, and our Community Advisory Council.

“We are very excited about where this plan will take us to meet the needs of struggling families in our community,” said Havala. “This year, we celebrate our 35th year of serving the community. Some incredible things have been accomplished over the years with our community’s involvement and support.”

The community is invited to attend an open house reception for the Loaves & Fishes Community Services 2019-2021 Strategic Plan roll out on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at its facility at 1871 High Grove Lane, Naperville. Light refreshments will be served. There is no cost to attend. Please RSVP to Special Events Manager Nicole Louis at nlouis@loaves-fishes.org.