Dear Woodridge School District 68 Community Members:


Recently it has come to our attention that one of our current employees, Kevin Wegner, Assistant Superintendent for Business, created a video making accusations against employees and consultants working for our District accusing them of financial mismanagement. In March 2016, when Mr. Wegner brought those concerns to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Cathy Skinner, she immediately examined those concerns and conducted an investigation into the accusations made by Mr. Wegner. After she looked into the allegations and determining that there was no wrongdoing, she further took the step of immediately reporting the accusations to the Board of Education, who referred the matter to their outside law firm of Franczek, Radelet, P.C., a pre-eminent law firm concentrating in working with Illinois school districts.  Franczek, Radelet assigned one of their senior attorneys to do a full investigation into Mr. Wegner’s allegations, which included an interview with Mr. Wegner himself. The law firm concluded there was no wrongdoing by any of the District’s employees or outside consultants. Mr. Wegner was notified of the findings of the investigation several weeks prior to him posting this video.


Woodridge School District 68 values and appreciates our staff and employees, and works hard to ensure that the District’s finances and expenditures are transparent. Moreover, when an employee such as Mr. Wegner makes accusations, we take all appropriate measures to ensure that taxpayer dollars are protected from any potential mismanagement, and we have done so in this matter. We are deeply concerned that Mr. Wegner chose to make these unfounded allegations, as they do nothing but harm relationships important to the District. We will continue to be the financial watchdogs of taxpayer funds that the Woodridge community deserves, and we want to assure the Woodridge community that we are ever vigilant in protecting taxpayer dollars and ensuring they are spent in a manner that benefit our students.


A full copy of the investigative report prepared by Franczek Radelet P.C. and as submitted to the Board of Education is available on the district website.


Tom Ruggio, President

Board of Education