The Naperville Jaycees is proud to announce Loudwire’s Gen-X Summer Tour at the Last Fling on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018. This unique tour is filled with rock and features: Buckcherry, P.O.D., Lit and Alien Ant Farm. According to the Gen-X Tour’s official website, “Generation X is known as being the generation of slackers, cynical and disaffected, but they’re also the MTV Generation, and they demand excellence in their music. As the traditional industry has deconstructed, fame increasingly narrowed to a small minority of bands, this generation of fans have continued to support and eagerly anticipate the raw, unfiltered experience of their rock Gods. Now, as a new rock music culture emerges, one defined by fans and artists rather than labels and MTV, GEN-X SUMMER WITH BUCKCHERRY, P.O.D., LIT and ALIEN ANT FARM is set to remind us that rock never died.”


Buckcherry is an American rock quintet that persistently upholds the commandments of rock music with an arsenal of new anthems primed to explode on impact and teeming with riotous energy, sexy swagger and primal chops intact. Buckcherry has added fuel to the genre’s fire for nearly two decades now. The Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum outfit is responsible for smashes including “Lit Up” off their gold-certified 1999 self-titled debut as well as “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry” from 2006’s platinum 15. Along the way, they’ve shared stages with everybody from AC/DC and Mötley Crüe to Slipknot and Rob Zombie as well as festival bills including Bamboozle with Bon Jovi and In-N-Iron, Sturgis, and more.


P.O.D. formed in San Diego, CA, in 1992, and have since charted their own course with worldwide sales exceeding 10 million, hugely successful international tours, and a series of chart-topping radio hits. Over the span of two decades they have released eight studio albums of original songs – including the triple-platinum Satellite – seen chart success with more than a dozen Rock radio hits, including “Southtown,” “Alive,” “Youth of the Nation,” and “Boom,” the Active Rock hit “Beautiful” and their No. 1 single, “Lost In Forever,” received three GRAMMY Award® nominations, and racked up four No. 1 music videos.


A major player throughout the post-grunge boom of the late ’90s, Lit featured the combined talents of frontman A. Jay Popoff, his guitar-playing brother Jeremy, bassist Kevin Baldes, and drummer Allen Shellenberger. The group formed in 1990 in Orange County, California, where it initially performed metal-influenced music under the name Razzle. After changing their name, Lit began embracing a spunky brand of punk-pop that helped attract a local following in California. The group sold out local venues (including Club 369 in Fullerton) and issued two recordings: an EP, Five Smokin’ Tracks from Lit; and the full-length Tripping the Light Fantastic, which arrived during the spring of 1997 and became a college radio hit. Lit has been actively touring, writing, and recording. They’ve immersed themselves in Nashville’s country music world with frequent writing trips, continuing to further their friendships with some of the biggest names in Country and Rock. The new sound of Lit shows a natural progression into a genre they’ve always been connected to.

Alien Ant Farm

Since the formation of Alien Ant Farm in 1995, the quartet has enjoyed worldwide success. Over the course of their four studio albums, cumulative sales surpass five million units a Grammy nomination and 4 top 10 singles. The band built a massive following on the road early in their career via high profile 2001 runs with Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Warped, and as the headliner on an MTV presented Fall Tour. In 2002, fame spread across the world, bringing Alien Ant Farm to the major European festivals, Australia’s Big Day Out and a headline run in Japan. The following year they returned to Europe with Metallica, and to this day the band has steadily delivered audiences in territories across the globe.

Buckcherry, P.O.D., Lit and Alien Ant Farm will perform as part of the Loudwire’s Gen-X Summer Tour beginning at 4:30pm on the Men in Black Pest Control Services Main Stage, located at the base of Rotary Hill near Naperville’s famed Riverwalk on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018. Gates will open at 3pm. General Admission tickets will be $20 and PIT passes will be $50. Carillon Experience tickets, which will be available for purchase at $150 per seat, allow for a memorable experience to include a catered multi-course meal, complimentary beverages, snacks, access to front of stage during the performance and a potential Meet & Greet with the bands (subject to availability). Tickets will be available for purchase online at 10am on Friday, April 20, 2018 at