My Budget Architect is a new virtual business based in Downers Grove. We support women through personal budget coaching to align spending and savings with their unique life’s goals. Kathy Knapp founded My Budget Architect out of her passion for supporting other women, her own journey in personal finance, and her background of 25+ years in the credit reporting/financial services space.

We work with:

  • Career starters looking to establish excellent money habits.
  • Women looking to stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Women wanting to eliminate debt, save for a special project, or just become more intentional with their money.
  • Supporting women who may not have had a primary role in the household finances, but circumstances have changed through divorce or loss of a partner and need help planning their future finances.

Our packages include coaching followed by accountability sessions. The accountability sessions are key to sustaining the new habits long term.

My Budget Architect Subscriptions include:

Personal Budget Coaching:

  • Current financial picture and historical spend analysis
  • Mission and Goals Definition
  • Setting Custom Budget and Automation Plans

Accountability Session:

  • Tracking Budget & Goals Progress

Regardless of your situation, we are here to be your partner so that budgeting becomes second nature, we automate as much as we can to save you time and align your spending to your interests. Most importantly, putting you on a path to financial security which everyone deserves!

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