State Representative David S. Olsen passed legislation this year that expands people’s access to information and recommended treatment about their dental health. On Friday, Governor Bruce Rauner signed Olsen’s bill into law.


SB 2587 amends the Illinois Telehealth Act to add dentists to the list of “health care professionals” that can perform over-the-phone “tele-health” services in Illinois. “Through this new law, dentists will now be able to perform telehealth services to evaluate, diagnose, or interpret electronically transmitted patient-specific date so that treatment recommendations can be made,” said Olsen. “In addition to the time-savings that accompany telehealth services, there are also potential cost savings.”


According to Olsen, the previous Telehealth Act was limited to physicians, physician assistants, optometrists, advanced practice nurses, clinical psychologists licensed in Illinois, and mental health professionals and clinicians authorized by Illinois law to provide mental health services. “Citizens have been benefitting from telehealth services in other wellness areas for years, and it only makes sense that dental health should be included.”


SB 2587 is now listed in the Illinois State Statutes as Public Act 100-0930.