DuPage County Launches Bike Trail Mapping Application

DuPage County launched a new web-based application that will provide navigation tools and information about the DuPage County trail system.

The DuPage Trails App showcases all trail routes in DuPage County. The app allows users to pinpoint parking lots, rest areas, restrooms, popular destinations, bike shops or emergency assistance facilities nearby.

The web app can also link to the County’s Citizen Reporter app, which can be used to highlight damage, problems or issues on the trails. The web app can be accessed directly at www.dupageco.org/trailmap or through the County’s Navigate DuPage app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

“This application will make it easier for users to learn about trail features around them. And, it provides an easy way to report unsafe conditions on the trails. We hope the app makes it easier for DuPage residents to plan outings and take advantage of the more than 500 miles of trails in our County,” said DuPage County Transportation Committee Chairman Don Puchalski.

The web app was developed internally through a cooperative effort between the Division of Transportation and the Geographic Information Systems Department.