Mayor Robert Barnett and Commissioners
Village of Downers Grove
801 Burlington Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Dear Mayor and Commissioners:

Thank you for your consideration to amend the Brew Facility liquor license classification to remove the 48-ounce limitation. The amendment as proposed by Village Staff, not only accomplishes the goal of exceptional municipal services, it is also directly aligned with the Chamber630 Legislative Platform. Within the section on Business Climate, we are in support of sound governmental policy and support the elimination of unnecessary and burdensome regulations and laws.

On behalf of the 700+ business Members and the Directors of Chamber630, we offer full support of removal of the 48-ounce limitation to the Brew Facility liquor license. Please vote in favor of your Staff’s recommendation.



Laura Crawford
President & CEO


cc: Board of Directors
LINC Chairman, Ron Sandack