Dear Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation:

On behalf of the business community of Chamber630, we write to urge you to support our state’s entrepreneurs, businesses, and jobs through ensuring the effective protection of intellectual property (IP) rights. America’s IP – our patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets – has been an engine of economic growth for both our Nation and our state, offering inventors and creators the promise of a return on their investments of time and resources. In the Illinois, IP-intensive industries employ over 118,304 people, and nation-wide, the number stands at over 40 million.

Our Nation’s founders clearly understood the role that IP rights play in driving economic growth and human progress – a fact evidenced by their inclusion of IP protections in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Since then, IP rights have spurred the innovations that have made our Nation the largest and most dynamic economy in the world. Today more than ever, in a time of great technological advancement, IP rights are the cornerstone of diverse industries and businesses of every kind, large and small.

The importance of IP rights is clear – and so too is the need for their protection. Unfortunately, American businesses and innovators are seeing their IP stolen in staggering numbers – billions of dollars per year – through counterfeiting and piracy, much of it stemming from abroad.

As a lawmaker, Americans are counting on you to stand up for the IP rights that are so critical to millions of businesses, consumers, and jobs in every corner of our state and country. As you approach the many issues facing the Congress, I urge you to make the protection of Illinois’ – and America’s – IP a key priority.



Laura Crawford
President & CEO