Dear Representative Breen:

On behalf of the 750 business Members of Chamber630, I am writing to you to respectfully encourage you to vote NO on any motion to override the governor`s veto on SB 2531, SB 2600 and SB 2604.

At a time when our state is failing in comparison to other states, now is not the time for Springfield to interfere on local economic development.

As a member of the business community, we believe this is bad public policy and would impede our vision of local economic development in our area. Forcing a one-size fits all approach on economic development in our community is not advantageous to retaining, growing and recruiting businesses.

Current law is adequate to serving the mission of local economic development and is not in need of any Springfield intrusion into how our localities structure economic development boards. No other requirements are placed on these board memberships as each community varies widely on size and membership.

Since these three bills would have a negative impact on local economic development in our state, I hope you will keep the future of economic development in mind when considering your action on these three pieces of legislation. While not opposed to diversity on an economic development board, this is clearly a solution in search of a problem.


Ms. Laura Crawford

President & CEO