When lawmakers return to Springfield this week, Representatives will begin the process of vetting the hundreds of bills that have already been filed in the 100th General Assembly. State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove), will lend his experience in the field of Finance on the House Financial Institutions Committee.


“This is an excellent committee assignment for me, because I will be able to leverage my experiences as an ethics and compliance officer in the commodities trading industry to thoughtfully consider legislation that impacts our state’s financial institutions,” said Olsen.


Olsen was also tapped to serve on the Appropriations- General Services Committee. “This is a pivotal committee that has a direct impact on key areas of state government spending,” Olsen said. “I look forward to working collaboratively with Representatives from both sides of the aisle as we consider how the State can reach consensus on both necessary spending and cuts in one of the most important parts of the overall budget.”


In addition to the Financial Institutions and Appropriations- General Services Committees, Olsen will also serve on the Mass Transit Committee, the Elementary & Secondary Education- Licensing Committee, and on a special Committee on Aging. “While I look forward to service on all of these committees, the Mass Transit Committee will be especially important for my constituents,” said Olsen. “A great number of District 81 residents rely on the mass transit system for daily commuting, and I appreciate the opportunity to have a hand in the shaping of public policy that could improve commuters’ experiences.”