DOWNERS GROVE…..State Representative Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) has earned a perfect score from the Illinois Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) for pro-manufacturing and pro-business votes he took in the House of Representatives in 2015.


TMA ranked all members of the Illinois House and Senate with regard to votes on 12 bills that affected the manufacturing and greater business industries last year. Overall they found only 42% of the State Representatives and 39% of the Senators tallied a score of 75% or higher, signifying their support of business and manufacturing.


“Representative Sandack’s voting record shows he understands and supports middle class opportunities in Illinois,” said TMA President Steven Rauschenberger. “Illinois remains a national leader in manufacturing, and manufacturing jobs are some of the best paying jobs in Illinois.  Consistently Representative Sandack has supported public policy that encourages manufactures to stay, grow and relocate to Illinois.”


Sandack is one of only 35 House members who received a perfect score.


“Supporting our manufacturers and other businesses is critical as we try to grow Illinois’ economy and create new jobs,” said Sandack. “We lost close to 20,000 manufacturing jobs over the last 18 months alone, and supporting the bills included in the TMA package is a solid step toward turning that around.”


The full scorecard can be viewed here.