On behalf of the Chamber630 Board of Directors, we are proud to announce the following candidates to serve as Directors for a three year term commencing October 1, 2020.

Sean Patrick Durkin, Fifth Third Bank

Cathy Jama, Tenant Advisory Group

Amanda Kunzer, Good Therapy Counseling

Karri McRight, Dimond Bros Insurance LLC

Matt Sweeney, Midwestern University and Multi-Specialty Clinic

Tom Wilhelm, Allegra Marketing Print & Signs

Brad Whitacre, Whitacre Insurance Group


In accordance to the bylaws, additional nominations may be made by any Active Member in good standing upon presentation of a petition for nomination signed by at least fifty [50] Active Members in good standing. Such petitions must be delivered to the Nominating Committee at the office of the Chamber with original signatures, within ten [10] calendar days after the date of announcement of the nominees (August 13, 2020) by the Board or its representative.