Recently some residents of Woodridge received an extremely offensive white supremacist/anti-Semitic leaflet.  Unfortunately, other neighboring Chicago-area communities have experienced similar incidents in recent weeks. In response, Senator Pat McGuire, Senator John F. Curran, Representative John Connor and Representative David S. Olsen, the Illinois General Assembly members representing the Village of Woodridge, issued the following joint statement:


“We join Mayor Gina Cunningham in denouncing the recent distribution of racist and anti-Semitic leaflets in the Village of Woodridge. We reject the hateful messages of intolerance shown within these leaflets. The racism, bigotry and prejudice displayed in these pamphlets have no place in our society and will not be tolerated. We will remain a compassionate, diverse and caring community which supports and respects one another as diverse and unique individuals. The unity and compassion shown by residents in Woodridge and across our districts is what defines our community.”


Currently, the Woodridge Police Department is investigating this incident. Anyone with information that would be helpful to this investigation should contact the Police Department at (630) 960-8998.