Laura Crawford, Chamber630 President & CEO

Laura Crawford, Chamber630 President & CEO

Nothing makes me prouder than hearing from businesses that say Chamber630 is different from other chambers they’ve joined. I know the reason – it’s because Chamber630 Members make the difference – every single day. The best part about my job is when I talk to Members about their businesses. This is when their passion is exposed, I hear joy and pride in their voices, their irritation at obstacles and their insight and awe as they share their vision. No matter your business, this describes every single Chamber630 Member. It is because of this Membership that we have been able to advance so far in the past twelve months. I’m taking advantage of providing a ‘State of the Chamber’ between the Village of Woodridge’s Address (Feb. 2) and the April 26th Village of Downers Grove’s Address


Thanks to the generosity of Maclyn, we rolled out a wonderful new It has a fresh look and you’ve got to love the way your business looks on it. Be sure to check it out on your phone too, has gone mobile!


We’ve changed the Membership model from number of employees to four marketing tracks, increasing value for our Members while eliminating the nickel and diming. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to take advantage of the various benefits and upgrade your package. I found it interesting (since we’re on Membership) that last year, without a price change, we increased our New Members and Renewals by 10% over the previous year. Aside from the hard work of staff, our very magnetic Membership sure helps. Thank you!


And it was through our great Members that we were able to grant the very first Chamber630 scholarships to three students of Member businesses who are continuing their education. Also through our Members, in one of our workforce development efforts, we served 75 students in four half day sessions of the Attainable Futures Program. Both of these great programs are looking for your voluntary support. So valuable to our future, I hope you can find a way to contribute the Chamber630 scholarship or Attainable Futures.


For our Members, we offered almost 100 networking opportunities, hosted 20 different committees, networks or task forces. We’ve revamped Legislative Impact Network (LINC) to meet at Member locations directly addressing their legislative needs. I do hope you’ll consider joining us on April 6th to visit the State Capitol to serve as the voice of business for the region. The trip is designed as a drive down and back or an overnight. Activities start at 11:00 a.m. and go throughout the evening. After a day of meetings at the Capitol, a General Assembly reception, we’ll have a dinner.


Chamber630 is proud to host four strong Referral Groups. LODGE, celebrating 20 years as a group is the longest standing referral group in DuPage County. I also encourage you to check out Chamber FIRST, Chamber CORE and Chamber NOW, they have ALL brought tremendous economic value to our region.


We’ve recently welcomed a new business development associate to cover the area south of 75th Street. Please welcome Linda Ragusin to the Chamber630 family. Operationally, we updated our software, computers and phone system – and that was a long time coming.


The Board of Directors have initiated goodwill Member visits in an effort to increase communication and connections. So don’t be surprised if you get a call from a Director or if a few show up at your business, they are just there to say hello and thank you for your Membership but most importantly, to listen to what we can do for you.


All these items I’ve cited and so many much more, has been accomplished through your resolve and your spirit. Thank you for being the difference in Chamber630!