Tax Reform


·       Tax Relief Map  – The enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has allowed businesses large and small to reinvest in their workforces and communities. Check out our map and click on your state to find out who has done what with their savings thus far.


·       Tax Reform Business Impact Survey – How is tax reform impacting your members? We want to populate this map, so we are surveying our member businesses to find out how tax reform is benefiting them. WE NEED YOUR STORIES!

  • Please, click here to see the survey, and share it with your members, so that they can participate. We want to hear from employers of all sizes, whether it be the two-person start-up that is now hiring a third employee, the manufacturer that is buying new equipment, or the service provider that’s expanding.


·       We will be sharing this map with Members of Congress, national news outlets, and other parties who want to see how businesses in your community are taking advantage of tax reform. Feel free to send the survey far and wide so we can fill up this map with good news! 


Tom Donohue Comments on Prospects of Trade War

 In response to President Trump’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, U.S. Chamber President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue issued the following statement:


“The U.S. Chamber is very concerned about the increasing prospects of a trade war, which would put at risk the economic momentum achieved through the administration’s tax and regulatory reforms. We won’t drive the economy to over 3 percent growth or continue to create jobs if we go down this path. We urge the administration to take this risk seriously and specifically to refrain from imposing new worldwide tariffs on steel and aluminum.  


“These new tariffs would directly harm American manufacturers, provoke widespread retaliation from our trading partners, and leave virtually untouched the true problem of Chinese steel and aluminum overcapacity. Alienating our strongest global allies amid high-stakes trade negotiations is not the path to long-term American leadership.”

Small Business Series


Part of our mission at the Chamber is to support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators, and the work you’re doing is tremendous. The Small Business Master Class will provide small business owners with the unparalleled opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs while also learning the tools to successfully grow your business in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Join us at one of the upcoming 2018 Small Business Series Events: 

Dallas: April 4

Atlanta: June 5

Twin Cities: July 24

DC: October 2-3

Phoenix: November 14

Through panels, case studies, interactive discussions, and keynotes, we’ll take a deep dive into sessions including:

  • Scaling your business: Navigating the jump to growing your business by adding talent
  • Cybersecurity: Understanding the top threats facing small businesses and learning how to protect your business
  • Digital marketing: Using social media to its fullest effect in marketing your brand

And many other topics affecting small businesses across the country.


Contact our Small Business Team at

A Week at the Chamber


Last week the U.S. Chamber of Commerce held several high profile events on important issues facing America.  This included conversations on the benefits and challenges of foreign investment in the U.S. at the 2018 Invest in America Summit,  the many challenges and opportunities facing the aviation industry the 17th annual Aviation Summit, the critical work underway to stem the opioid epidemic in Combating the Opioid Crisis: From Communities to the Capitol, and the small business lending landscape at the Impact of Bank Regulation on Business Lending. We also released the Q1 MetLife & U.S. Chamber Small Business Index, which revealed optimism among small business owners about the benefits of tax reform on their own companies as well as the national economy. All in a day’s work for the Chamber as we press ahead with our New Growth Agenda – a vision for stronger, sustained and broadly shared growth to benefit all Americans in 2018 … and beyond.


Immigration State of Play: DACA & H-2B Visa Cap Relief


As most of you are aware, the March 5th deadline requiring Congress to pass a legislative solution addressing the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program came and went earlier this week.  That March 5th deadline was rendered essentially meaningless by a pair of lower federal court rulings, and now progress on a legislative package that would address DACA and several other immigration-related items has stalled in the absence of a hard deadline.  Nevertheless, we’re continuing to make the case for action on Capitol Hill. 


The U.S. Chamber urges Congress to pass legislation that protects DACA recipients and provides permanent relief for dreamers to continue to work and pursue their education in the U.S.  Additionally, Congress should act to protect the more than 200,000 Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries from deportation, as well as bolster border security and promote a functioning legal immigration system that supports economic growth and discourages illegal immigration.  We encourage you to continue to urge your member of Congress to support an immigration package that addresses these critical issues.


As part of our efforts to support a better-functioning legal immigration system, we’re also urging Congress to provide cap relief for H-2B temporary worker visas.  H-2B visas apply to non-ag temporary workers (i.e. those in hospitality, forestry, seafood processing, landscaping, ski resorts, and similar industries with fluctuating seasonal demand), and the current annual cap of 66,000 (33,000 for first half of fiscal year; 33,000 for second half of fiscal year) is woefully insufficient to meet seasonal employment demands.  If you’re aware of businesses in your community that utilize this visa program, we encourage you to contact your member of Congress and urge them to ask Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan to include H-2B visa cap relief in the omnibus spending package now being negotiated.    


Chamber Gras 2018

This year we are partnering again with Council of State Chambers and Association of State Chamber Professionals for our newly-rebranded Chamber Federation Advocacy & Growth Conference, September 12-14 in New Orleans.


Hotel reservation information coming soon!