Dear Editor,

A dear friend announced his resignation from the Illinois General Assembly this week. He has been a strong leader for his constituency and fought for what’s right for Illinois, not what’s convenient. He stood up when others sat down and he has been a voice of reason in times of chaos.

Since being appointed in 2009, Ron Sandack has been a leader in fighting for property tax reform, term limits, and reducing the size, scope and spans of government. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with him since his appointment and witness firsthand the passion and commitment he has for the people of the 81st district. Whether answering questions of constituents, walking parades in varied weather, walking door-to-door to meet constituents or debating bills in Springfield, he always put the people’s needs first and foremost in his activities.

This week, Ron Sandack made the difficult choice to resign from elected office and spend more time with his family. Over the past years, he and his family have endured great personal attacks and most recently cyber-attacks. He is putting his family first and that is the true virtue of a leader.

I want to thank Representative Sandack for allowing me and others to join him over the past few years to fight for good public policy, stronger communities and a better economy in Illinois. You have made the 81st a better district and are leaving great shoes to fill.

Elizabeth Van Holt
Downers Grove, Illinois