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Slice up your life.

In what is perhaps the most universal statement of all time, PIZZA IS ONE OF THE GREATEST FOODS IN THE WORLD.

The only question is: Where should you go to get the ultimate best kind? We askedYelp for the most popular places to get pizza in every state — which they measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews plus the star rating for every business on Yelp.

So here are 51 places to get amazing slices and pies across the country — according to Yelp users who love it just as much as you do.

1. Crico’s Pizza & Subs, Gulf Shores, Alabama

“The pepperoni cheese sticks are amazing. Favorite pizza place here in Gulf shores, coming from a local.” —Yelper Josh G.

“The Supreme Pizza is what we ordered, and it was soooo GOOOOD! If you’re in town visiting and don’t want to leave your condo or hotel, they’ll deliver right to your door.” —Yelper Kelly M.

2. Johnny Chicago’s, Anchorage, Alaska

Johnny Chicago's, Anchorage, Alaska

“Go for the Italian Beef! Spot on. If you’re eating in, get it dipped; if you’re ordering to go, not so much.” —Yelper Karen F.

“They make the best New York pizza in this state! Absolutely authentic. The Chicago deep dish takes 45 minutes to bake, but it is worth the wait. The buttery thick crust is out of this world.” —Yelper Liane M.

3. Casanova Brothers Pizza, Gilbert, Arizona

“We had garlic knots first and they were amazing — great little bites full of flavor. We also had the deep-dish pizza, half white, half red, and it was fantastic. I love it both ways. The cheese garlic bread and zeppoles are also as delicious as everything else.” —Yelper Toryanni E.

4. Vino’s, Little Rock, Arkansas

“We walked from our hotel to this hipster place that brews their own beer. It made me feel like I was in Austin. Their Muffuletta pizza was a nice change from our typical choice.” —Yelper Melissa B.

“Their margherita slice is simply fantastic. It’s so simple, and so flavorful. Their crust is THIN, too. I love it.” —Yelper Jeff H.

5. Terra Mia Pizzeria, Laguna Hills, California



“Our go to for New York-style pizza in Southern Orange Country. It’s in the corner of a large plaza. It’s understated, but the pizza is always a hit. Can’t go wrong with Meat Lovers, and if you wanna try something different with a little feta, their house pizza is also good.” —Yelper Gee G.

“The spinach white pie is far and away the standout. Delicious!” —Yelper Sara W.

6. Coloradough Pizza, Aurora, Colorado

Coloradough Pizza, Aurora, Colorado

“Supremo is outstanding, and the Hawaiian with jalapeños is tasty.” —Yelper Nathen G.

“Their 5280 pizza was delicious and nutritious.” —Yelper Chad M.

7. The Little Rendezvous, Meriden, Connecticut

The Little Rendezvous, Meriden, Connecticut

“Pizza was a slice of heaven: thin crust, lightly crispy. We had ours with feta and pepperoni, which was an amazing combination.” —Yelper Tara P.

“The best place for crisp, brick-oven-style pizza around.” —Yelper Michelle G.

8. Wiseguy NY Pizza, Washington, DC

“Wiseguy’s pizza is amazing. It’s a great late-night snack and the perfect way to end a night out. I particularly like the Sicilian White slice, which is a thicker slice with cheese and garlic, but you really cannot go wrong. The side salads come with a garlic knot and are a good choice for a lighter (but still satisfying) option.” —Yelper Mackenzie S.

“This pizza is amazing. I loved my chicken and ranch pizza, as well as the truffle one.” —Yelper Paola G.

9. Amalfi Pizza, Newark, Delaware

“This pizza is the best in the area. I recommend getting a fresh pie if you are going to order more than a few slices. My favorite is their White Pizza, but their BBQ Chicen and then Chicken Alfredo come in second and third.” —Yelper KB

“Pizza is hand tossed and is baked directly on the brick inside the oven — not some conveyor belt oven. ” —Yelper Oscar D.

10. Dolce Salato Pizza & Gelato, Wilton Manors, Florida

Dolce Salato Pizza & Gelato, Wilton Manors, Florida

“We really pigged out and got the full size of three pizzas. We had the Caprese, the Vegetarian, and the Ricotta Cheese & Spinach. They were all great, and the crusts are so good. If I had to choose, I’d say I’m partial to the Caprese, for the basil.” —Yelper Justin S.

“We had the Meat Lover and the Biancaneva slices. A good pizza is all in the crust, and it was amazingly airy and light. Later, we had the affogato with amaretto. The gelato was fresh and the espresso was perfect. This place took me back to Rome six years ago, where I had the best pizza and gelato of my life.” —Yelper Thanh V.

11. Luigi’s A Slice of Italy, Buford, Georgia

Luigi's A Slice of Italy, Buford, Georgia

“Just tried Luigi’s for the first [time] and I am impressed by all the flavors in the pizza. I ordered the Luigi’s Speciale. The pizza was hot, freshly-made, and delicious. I could taste fresh mushrooms, onions, spicy sausage, and pepperoni with each slice. The garlic knots are the best; they’re served with olive oil and chunks of garlic, rosemary, and red pepper shavings. ” —Yelper Harrison D.

“Amazing food, close to the kind I had in Italy. The garlic knots and Veggie Pizza were exceptional.” —Yelper Chamberlain T.

12. Kaneohe’s Boston Pizza, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Kaneohe's Boston Pizza, Kaneohe, Hawaii

“Best pizza on the island! Ordered five different pizzas by the slice, a whole Larry Bird pizza, and a whole Starpoletana pizza. The New York-style Larry Bird was spot on, with a thin crunchy crust and fresh ingredients. The flour they use for their dough is imported from Italy, as well as their Bufala cheese and their San Marzano tomatoes.” —Yelpers Shawn and Marsha C.

13. Guido’s Original New York Style Pizzeria, Boise, Idaho

Guido's Original New York Style Pizzeria, Boise, Idaho

“Being a native (upstate) New Yorker, I can say hands down that this is not only the best NY-style pizza in Idaho, but it’s the best in the West! After living in CA for several years, nothing there comes close to Guido’s. I’ve even had friends from Brooklyn come out and say it’s better than a lot of the pizza in the city.” —Yelper Matt S.

14. Olive Theory Pizzeria, Downers Grove, Illinois

“You can create your own, and they let you have unlimited veggies — yay! I personally went with the Buddha’s Karma. It includes fire-roasted olive oil, mozzarella cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and Parmesan. Five out of five.” —Yelper Jennifer P.

15. Panoony’s Pizza and Wings, Brownsburg, Indiana

“My friends and I have ordered Panoony’s a couple times — so delicious! I’ve had the Bacon Chicken Ranch and Hawaiian pizzas. Both are very good. The slices are gigantic. Out of all the pizza places in Indy, this is one of the best that delivers.” —Yelper Melissa K.

“BBQ Chicken pizza was amazing, and I’m a Chicagoan, so I know my pizza. Best pizza you can get in the area.” —Yelper Courtney P.

16. Taste of New York Pizza, West Des Moines, Iowa

“If you are in the mood for traditional thin-crust pizza, this is the spot. Top that off with some cheesy garlic knots and an Italian Gino’s ice. The place is small, but reminds me of how the pizza cafes are in NYC, in that you order by the slice.” —Yelper Amanda I.

“The thin crust pepperoni pizza is delicious. It’s everything I would expect from a New York-style pizza. The slices are huge and cheesy.” —Yelper Dmitry N.

17. Geo’s Pizzeria, Overland Park, Kansas

Geo's Pizzeria, Overland Park, Kansas


“Ordered the Luau pizza and a meatball sub to split amongst the table. Everything was homemade and tasted great. You can tell it’s locally owned and operated, down to the real plates they serve their food on and family pictures in the napkin dispensers. Staff was very friendly. Atmosphere is very informal. I will be back to Geo’s!” —Yelper El F.

“Vegetarian pizza was awesome. Cheese pizza by the slice was a huge portion and so good. ” —Yelper Leah M.

18. Old School NY Pizza, Louisville, Kentucky

“Who knew authentic New York-style pizza (says my native New Yorker lunch date; I’m taking her word for it) was located in a strip mall on the east end? Big ol’ foldable, greasy, delicious slices of pizza, calzones with ricotta and mozzarella cheese oozing out, homemade noodles in their lasagna (just added to the menu), and big fresh salads, all squished unassumingly between the asian massage place and the nail salon. ” —Yelper Jess A.

“First, the pizza: fresh, made to order, quality toppings, perfect amount of sauce and cheese, and the BEST crust you can imagine. It had the perfect amount of crunch but folded nicely. Second, the cookies: chocolate chip delights. Literally melt-in-your-mouth good.” —Yelper Gladys B.

19. Pizza Artista, Lafayette, Louisiana

“These guys have personal pizza making down to a science. They offer a variety of crusts, sauces, vegetables, and cheeses (including vegan). I recommend the spicy marinara! It has a fun kick to it.” —Yelper Lauren D.

“Absolutely delicious pizza at good prices for anytime of the day with or without the whole family. Fresh salads are also available. Nice atmosphere and quick enough to stop by on lunch break. ” —Yelper Thasia B.

20. Kozeta’s Restaurant, Westbrook, Maine



“We had a large Greek pizza which had spinach, feta, tomatoes, and more. I normally prefer a more thin crust, but this was well-baked, crispy, and light. ” —Yelper Gordon A.

“Amazing Greek pizza. Everyone is super friendly, and it’s family owned.” —Yelper Terrilynn D.

21. M & N’s Pizza, Bethesda, Maryland

M & N's Pizza, Bethesda, Maryland


“Hands down the best pizza place in the Bethesda/Rockville area. I got the Spicy Tomato Paneer pizza, which was so perfectly seasoned (unlike most bland pizza places) and did not skimp on the paneer.” —Yelper Lily S.

“We had the Spicy Thai pizza, a delicious combination of chicken, basil, green peppers, lots of cheese, and lots of red chili flakes on a Thai sauce base. This pizza is a spice lover’s dream, with all of the ingredients packing some really satisfying heat atop a really nice crust. There are several other spicy pizza options on the menu, too, including a Szechuan one that I’ve got my eye on for the next visit.” —Yelper Andy B.

22. Atonio’s, Amherst, Massachusetts

Atonio's, Amherst, Massachusetts

“The Don Giovanni and the Bacon Chicken Ranch has me feeling things that I don’t feel when I eat pizza from anywhere else.” —Yelper Emily C.

“The Mushroom Steak pizza was so good. It had a good amount of cheese and mushroom! ” —Yelper Andrew O.

23. 112 Pizzeria Bistro, Rochester Hills, Michigan

“The pizza was cooked perfectly, and the slices are huge! I love a pizza that you have to fold in half to eat. The crust was light and fluffy with a great crunch on the outside. And the cheese bread is more unique than your standard cheese bread. The bread is almost like a calzone; the bread is stuffed with cheese and topped with a delicious Parmesan garlic butter sauce.” —Yelper Chris C.

24. Mama’s Pizza, Saint Paul, Minnesota



“I always get the sampler platter and bring home a pizza as well. Their servings are huge! They have the tastiest Italian sausage I’ve ever had.” —Yelper Sam P.

“My favorite pizza place! Their homemade sausages are amazing, and that sauce is simply lovely.” —Yelper Abbie L.

25. Brooklyn Pizza, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Brooklyn Pizza, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi


“This pie was hot, huge, greasy, cheesy, and delicious. Don’t let the strip mall location fool you; this pizza is fantastic.” —Yelper Dawna K.

“Real New York-style in Mississippi! Foldable scrumptiousness.” —Yelper Sherry C.

26. Corner Bistro, Saint Louis, Missouri

Corner Bistro, Saint Louis, Missouri

“What makes this pizza special is the dough is made from scratch, cooked in a wood-fired oven, and served hot.” —Yelper Paul K.

27. Pie Hole, Missoula, Montana

“Greasy, foldable awesomeness. We ordered a half cheese, half pepperoni (our litmus test for any pizza spot). It did not disappoint. The pie was YUGE, enough to feed me and my two dudes who can plow through food like a freight train.” —Yelper Petra T.

“The pizza is amazing. Nice thin crust, nice sauce, nice cheese ratio. It’s all good.” — Yelper Kari L.

28. Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria, Omaha, Nebraska

“It’s pretty much physically impossible to eat more than two slices of pizza. Not thin crust, not thick crust, just dense and delicious. Tangy sauce and plentiful toppings.” —Yelper Sarah G.

“The sauce was just the right amount of sweet, the cheese was flavorful, and the crust was out of this world. Very highly recommend this pizza!” —Yelper Scot N.

29. The Pizza Kitchen, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I have been a customer since DAY ONE! I was there on the first day they opened the doors, and I have not ordered pizza at any other restaurant since. This place is amazing.” —Yelper Benjamin R.

30. Tilton House of Pizza, Tilton, New Hampshire

Tilton House of Pizza, Tilton, New Hampshire

“If you order in the store, they are quick, friendly and efficient. The pizza is STUPID GOOD, but the fresher it is the better, so I suggest eating in the restaurant.” —Yelper Sarah K.

31. Jersey Pizza Co., Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

Jersey Pizza Co., Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

“The pizza is almost always cooked to perfection. With fresh mozzarella and a light tomato sauce, the pizza is pretty tasty. I can see why the reviews of this shop are really high.” —Yelper Jeff K.

“The Truffle pizza is absurdly delicious.” —Yelper Krista S.

32. Richie B’s Pizza, Subs & Salads, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Richie B's Pizza, Subs & Salads, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Their family-size pizza is insane. Not only is it huge, but it tastes delicious. We got the Veggie, and it’s one of the best veggie pizzas I’ve ever had. Great reheated, too.” —Yelper Schlok S.

33. L’industrie Pizzeria, Williamsburg, New York

“This place is perfect if you want a quality slice. The guy is an artist.” —Yelper John S.

“There is just something so raw about the good energy in this pizza place, and I think it’s due to the confidence they have that they really have the most incredible tasting pizzas ever.” —Yelper Katie L.

34. Zablong Peculiar Pizza, Charlotte, North Carolina

“My new favorite pizza place in Charlotte. For $10 you can custom design any pizza your heart desires. Also, unlimited toppings — I couldn’t believe it!” —Yelper Michael R.

“The two best things about this place: They are open until three in the morning on weekends, and the ghost pepper salami.” —Yelper Nikki W.

35. Block500 Pizza Company, Wahpeton, North Dakota

“I love pizza joints that have some unique menu options, like Block 500’s Mac Attack or Hogwash. They’re great.” —Yelper Jessica B.

“I ordered a Hogwash pizza and it lasted me three meals! Probably one of the best pizzas that I have ever had.” —Yelper Jordan S.

36. Barbaro’s Pizzeria, Canton, Ohio

Barbaro's Pizzeria, Canton, Ohio

“This is what you get at Barbaros: a great New York-style (by the slice even) pizza with a great owner dedicated to his craft.” —Yelper Tim S.

37. Empire Slice House, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“The pizza was by far the best I’ve had here. It is the closest to the pizza I used to eat in Brooklyn. Thin crust, with big slices and fresh ingredients.” —Yelper Francis G.

38. Rodeos Pizza & Saladeria, Klamath Falls, Oregon

“If you want quality ingredients produced into a quality pizza with tantalizing and wide selections of drinks with giant slices and mouthwatering taste buds that leave you wanting to come back next weekend for more, this is the place.” —Yelper Zak B.

39. Snap Custom Pizza, Ardmore, Pennsylvania

“The atmosphere is inviting and hip, the employees are top-notch pizza artisans, and the food rivals fine dining pizza establishments throughout Philadelphia.” —Yelper Alex A.

“Been here twice in 24 hours and got exactly the same thing! Pizza with red sauce, housemade mozzarella, and pepperoni. Comes out piping hot in a couple minutes and does not disappoint.” —Yelper Brian C.

40. Maria’s Pizza and Wings, Cranston, Rhode Island

Maria's Pizza and Wings, Cranston, Rhode Island


“Maria’s is one of my favorite places to get pizza. The staff is always so friendly and efficient, and the food is great! Spicy garlic wings are awesome, eggplant pizza tastes just like eggplant parm, and my boyfriend loves the Armenian pizzas.” —Yelper Ashley P.

41. Charleston House of Pizza, North Charleston, South Carolina



“The crust is always perfect, the sauce is a sweeter, very flavorful marinara, and they never NEVER skimp on the cheese. Pretty much anything and everything you could ask for in a good pie.” —Yelper Dave C.

42. Lintz Bros Pizza, Hermosa, South Dakota

Lintz Bros Pizza, Hermosa, South Dakota

“The best part about this pizza is the amount of cheese and fantastic layering on the toppings. Every bite is full of flavor!” —Yelper Nick M.

“They have pizzas that no else has, like the sauerkraut, ham, jalapeño and pineapple pizza.” —Yelper Bacon G.

43. Joey’s House of Pizza, Nashville, Tennessee

Joey's House of Pizza, Nashville, Tennessee

“To all my fellow pizza aficionados: Joey’s House of Pizza is your go-to place for New York-style pizza in Nashville! Seriously amazing.” —Yelper Kristina C.

44. Hot Toppings Pizza, Houston, Texas

Hot Toppings Pizza, Houston, Texas

“I’m not sure when all these ‘build your own’ pizza places started emerging, but they’re all great. That said, Hot Toppings is probably my #1 pick.” —Yelper Kathy M.

“I made one with regular sauce, double pepperoni, double Italian sausage, beef, bacon, and some black olives. As soon as the guy was done prepping my pizza, he put it in the oven, and it came out hot and fresh around two minutes later.
It was very flavorful; the sauce was good, the cheese was good, the toppings were good, and the crust was delicious.” —Yelper Belly G.

45. The Pizza Cart, Cedar City, Utah

“HAD to try the Gyro pizza. And it was so delicious.” —Yelper Michelle W.

“I highly recommend the Chicken BBQ Ranch pizza. The NYC Garlic and Margherita are also super good. Next time I will be trying to Sausage and Mushroom. The pizza is done in a huge fire-oven type thing, which produces black char spots. I really like this, but if you don’t, just beware.” —Yelper Paris W.

46. Wood Fired Pizza, Manchester, Vermont

“Terrific pizza — try the BBQ Chicken with the buffalo gouda.” —Yelper Joe C.

“Five stars is an understatement for this very authentic artisan pizza place.” —Yelper Vanessa A.

47. Rocco’s NY Pizza & Subs, Leesburg, Virginia

Rocco's NY Pizza & Subs, Leesburg, Virginia

“If you love authentic pizza — not something from a chain — then you’ll be very happy here. A thin, chewy crust, cheese that is drippy and gooey (in a very good way), and sauce that hits all the right notes.” — Yelper Vivky L.

48. Pizzeria La Sorrentina, Vancouver, Washington

Pizzeria La Sorrentina, Vancouver, Washington

“If you like true Italian pizza and have no shame overeating the entire thing yourself, this place is for you.” —Yelper Jane K.

“Absolutely the most amazing pizza I’ve eaten this side of Naples, Italy.” —Yelper Amy M.

49. The Pizza Place, Parkersburg, West Virginia

The Pizza Place, Parkersburg, West Virginia

“Nothing beats Pizza Place Sicilian-style pizza. The amount of cheese on each slice is ridiculous. I love it. ” —Yelper Jason A.

50. Novanta, Madison, Wisconsin

“The pizza oven is heated to a toasty 900 degrees Fahrenheit, so that a fresh-made pizza only takes 90 seconds to come out perfect.” — Yelper Amanda M.

“My wife and I were both very pleased with the pizza and the personalized service. We sat outside, and they had herb plants next to the tables. They said we could pick them to put on our pizza, so I put fresh rosemary on my pizza and it added even more flavor.” —Yelper John T.

51. Friendz Pizzeria, Douglas, Wyoming

Friendz Pizzeria, Douglas, Wyoming


“We shared a bottle of wine and the Ben Franklin pizza, loaded with spinach, bacon, turkey, mozzarella, and cream cheese. It was fantastic, especially because it was made with homemade dough and they brushed it with lemon olive oil. Highly recommend.” — Yelper Christina P.

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