When you envision your dream office, what do you see? More space and light? The latest OCT machine in its very own testing area? A ruthlessly organized contact lens fitting room? Optometrists from across the country shared their dream offices come to life for Review of Optometry’s 2015 Office Design Contest, and the winners prove that different is often a very good thing.

All of our contestants showed dedication to both their patients’ needs and aesthetic appeal, but three practices stood out for their creativity and functionality, according to our expert judging team. Color took center stage in this year’s contest. The winner and both runners up incorporated bolder color palettes to add a little spice to the daily routine. But aesthetics wasn’t the only factor that set these contestants apart for our judges.

Entries were also judged based on function, ergonomics and incorporation of optometric equipment, and the winners came through with much needed upgrades, staff-friendly workspaces and patient-centered layouts. See how three practices blended the latest technology with unique office designs to provide both their patients and staff with the ultimate optometry experience.

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