Dear Representatives:

We, the 230 undersigned companies, associations and organizations active in Illinois, are writing to express our strong support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. The TPP is critical to the future growth of trade, jobs, prosperity and competitiveness of the United States, and for Illinois in particular.

The Asia-Pacific will continue to be the most vibrant region in the global economy for the foreseeable future. Yet, we are falling behind, as other countries that have negotiated preferential trade agreements in the region place our manufacturers, innovators, service providers, farmers and ranchers, and workers at a competitive disadvantage. Approval of the TPP will close the gap, and place U.S. companies, farmers and ranchers, and workers at the center of this dynamic regional economy.

Our state exported $7.1 billion worth of agricultural products and $32.1 billion of manufactured goods to TPP countries in 2015, and $7.8 billion of services to TPP countries in 2014. Our state’s goods exports to the world supported an estimated 345,050 jobs in 2014. By cutting tariffs and red tape and eliminating other market distortions on our goods, installing critical new rules for the digital economy and services trade, and establishing stronger protections for transparency, innovation and intellectual property – subject to strong enforcement – the TPP will help our manufacturers, innovators, service providers, and farmers and ranchers export more, produce more and thereby support more jobs in Illinois.

Failing to approve the TPP would have significant costs for Illinois: It would keep our manufacturers, innovators, service providers, and farmers and ranchers at a competitive disadvantage; severely damage U.S. leadership and credibility in the region; and cede economic leadership in Asia to other countries that are pursuing alternative regional trade agreements that do not include the United States.

America already faces substantial headwinds in the global economy. America needs to be at the forefront of opening markets, establishing strong rules and high standards for trade, and leveling the playing field globally, rather than continuing to sit on the sidelines. 2

As congressional leaders and the administration work to address some outstanding issues and agree on a path for a successful vote this year, we urge you to encourage that effort and express your support for moving forward on a strong, market-opening TPP this year.

Sincerely, Acres Group

Adams County Farm Bureau Cooperative Association Inc.



Advanced Medical Technology Association

Aerospace Industries Association

AGCO Corporation

Alliance for Industry & Manufacturing

American Cleaning Institute

American Coatings Association

American Composites Manufacturers Association

American Frozen Food Institute

Ardagh Group, Glass-North America

Ascena Retail Group

Associated Equipment Distributors

Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Association of Global Automakers


Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce

Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc.


BASF Corporation

BDP International

Bel Brands USA

Beutel Farms

The Boeing Company

Bond County Farm Bureau

Brown County Farm Bureau

Brunswick Corporation

Bureau County Farm Bureau

Business Roundtable

Camcraft, Inc.

Canton Area Chamber of Commerce


Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau

Caterpillar Inc.


Champaign County Farm Bureau

Chemical Industry Council of Illinois & Illinois Paint Council