When Illinois voters go to the polls this year they have the opportunity to tell Springfield to spend transportation dollars responsibly. The first question on the ballot will ask voters whether the Illinois Constitution should be amended to require that transportation taxes and fees, like the gas tax and vehicle registration fees, be required to be spent on the transportation system.


This amendment is about requiring Springfield to keep its promises, but it is also about the Illinois economy and our quality of life. USDOT ranks Illinois last in pavement condition and the Chicago region has the nation’s third oldest transit system. Chamber 630 supports the proposed amendment because a good transportation system allows Illinois businesses to ship goods efficiently and attract targeted employees.


The many commuter difficulties make it hard for DuPage area businesses to recruit new employees and to compete globally. Our transportation system cannot continue to act as a piggybank for state politicians. It’s time for Springfield to budget responsibly and spend your money the way politicians promised. Please vote yes on the first question on the ballot.


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Laura Crawford