Downers Grove, Illinois (April 20, 2016) – Vucko Law commemorated its opening with the community and Chamber of Commerce members during a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday April 20, 2016.

Vucko Law is a civil litigation firm focused on women’s workplace rights. The firm is located at 4901 Forest Avenue in Downers Grove. Practice areas include matters of gender and pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Vucko Law also offers advising and legal representation in a variety of other civil litigation areas.

Stacey Vucko, attorney and owner of Vucko Law, resides in Downers Grove with her husband, daughter and their two dogs. Stacey is thrilled to have opened her law firm in the community she calls home.

For more information about Vucko Law or to schedule a free initial consultation, call (312) 522-2517, email or visit the firm’s website at