Social media plays a huge role in today’s society and is an important tool in connecting your business with potential customers. It is more important now than ever to integrate your business with ever-growing social media platforms to reach your target markets.

As a FREE benefit of Membership, Chamber630 allows you to link your social media accounts to Your Member Profile. Putting all of your social media profiles in one place simplifies the process for businesses and individuals to view your accounts- increasing your SEO, likes, followers, and market base!

Learn how to add Social Media links to your profile in four easy steps and start growing your business!

Chamber630 Profile

STEP 1: 

Log into the Members Only Portal using your business’s credentials
*Not sure of your information? Email 


STEP 2: 

Use the Menu on the right-side and click on Update Your Contacts


STEP 3: 

Click on Edit My Profile to input your Social Media links!

STEP 4: 

Select the bottom tab: Social Media and paste the corresponding URL next to any/all accounts you may have! 


STEP 5: 

Watch your business grow! 

For more information on how to grow your business using Chamber630 – view our Marketing Opportunities or email Shannon Kragel, Marketing & Events to learn more!