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I am sharing an email with you for the purpose of building support to save as many of our local restaurants as we can. This campaign was launched by the Illinois Restaurant Association and you can help to voice concerns to our state leadership. This is an opportunity to help a cause that is very important to your businesses, our communities. Please take ACTION, then share or cut and paste the message below with anyone you think may help us in assisting our restaurants.  Thanks in advance!


Fix the Restore Illinois Plan to Save Restaurants

Under the current Restore Illinois plan, restaurants and bars throughout the state will be unable to resume dine in operations until June 26 at the very earliest. This approach underestimates the restaurant industry’s ability to reopen and operate safely with enhanced public health measures in place.

The Illinois Restaurant Association is calling on Governor Pritzker and the General Assembly to modify the Restore Illinois plan to allow restaurants and bars to resume their dine in service in a limited capacity during Phase 3.

Public health and safety have always been and continue to be the top priorities for every owner, operator, and employee in the restaurant industry. Illinois’ restaurants are fully capable and ready to resume dine in service with limited occupancy, six feet between tables, PPE for employees, and many other preventative measures. We are eager to work with the state on developing these pragmatic regulations that give restaurants the opportunity to resume their dine in operations in a timely manner.

Send a message to the Governor and leaders in the General Assembly to consider these recommendations and collaborate with the restaurant industry to allow for restaurants and bars to safely reopen their dine in operations during Phase 3 of Restore Illinois.

Read more on the IRA’s efforts in Chicago Sun-Times.

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