Webinar 1: Thursday, April 14, 2020 Noon CDT The Government is Leaning into Business Relief,

Register: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/15679/397119?utm_source=Comcast%20Business%20Editorial%20Team&utm_medium=SLSFRCE&utm_campaign=397119

The first webinar will address a top priority for businesses of all sizes— the Government-sponsored Paycheck Protection Plan and has agnostic promotion to all segments, both customer and prospect.

Our panelists are Davis Polk partners Jai Massari and John Banes from Davis, Polk & Wardwell, experts in Financial regulatory laws


Webinar 2: Thursday April 16, 2020, Noon CDT — Connectivity and Resilience: How Technology is Supporting Business Continuity



As organizations grapple with the human, business, and technology repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis, connectivity and network resiliency are playing a central role in business continuity efforts. A major shift to remote working and digital commerce is altering application and network traffic prioritization, putting new demands on enterprise infrastructure, and accelerating the adoption of virtual workplace capabilities. This panel discussion will explore some of the business continuity challenges organizations are facing and offer observations on the supporting role connectivity and network resilience is playing.

Join us April 16 at Noon CDT for “Connectivity and Resilience: How technology is supporting business continuity” a webinar from Comcast Business. This brief, informative webinar will explore the importance of the infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of a virtual workplace and the challenges faced.


  • Bob Victor, SVP, Product Management, Comcast Business
  • Noam Raffaelli, SVP, Network & Communications Engineering, Comcast Business
  • Jeff Lewis, VP Data Product Management, Strategic Planning & Development, Comcast Business


 Webinar 3: Thursday April 23, 2020 Noon CDT — Education and COVID 19: Remote Learning Tech Solutions




COVID-19 has created global disruption on a scale not seen in the modern era. The education sector, in particular, has been deeply impacted. In fact, a March 2020 report by the United Nations indicates that some 300 million schoolchildren worldwide unable to continue with school as a result of the outbreak. The domestic scope is just as daunting: In a single Seattle school district, the virus has forced nearly 24,000 students out of in-person classes. The solution many schools nationwide are turning to is remote learning. While some districts are well-prepared for the shift, many find themselves without the needed technology to enable remote learning at all.

Join us on April 23 at Noon CDT. for “Education and COVID- 19: Remote Learning Tech Solutions” a webinar from Comcast Business. We’ll explore the current state of remote learning, from both educational and technology infrastructure perspectives; the current technology needs for educators; how the ramp-up has gone thus far; how networks and technologies will shift going forward; and what the remote learning landscape may look like in the long term.


• Lenny Schad, Chief Information & Innovation Officer – District Administration

• Nelson Ortiz, Executive Director National Sales Engineering at Comcast Business.


Webinar 4: Tuesday April 28. 2020 Noon CDT — Keeping Cybercriminals at Bay—and Protecting Your Business—During a Crisis



Cybercriminals love a crisis. Amid the COVID-19 outbreaks, companies are even more vulnerable than usual to cyberattacks. As more business owners move operations completely online and larger organizations are directing employees to work from home, remote work means a rise in the number of devices employees are using and an increase in the use of online conferencing tools, letting hackers cast a much wider net in which to snare potential targets.

Join us on April 28 at Noon CDT for “Keeping Cybercriminals at Bay—and Protecting Your Business—During a Crisis,” a webinar from Comcast Business. We’ll outline the ways in which businesses represent targets for hackers, what new challenges the COVID-19 crisis presents, analysis of threat types, and the steps companies are taking to mitigate cybersecurity risks during workplace and business disruption.


  • Shena Seneca Tharnish, Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, Comcast Business
  • Noopur DavisEVP, Chief Prod. & Info Security Officer


Webinar 5: Thursday April 30, 2020, Noon CDT —Steering Your Brand Through Crisis



In every crisis, there are decisions and actions that can make, or break, a brand. Fortune favors the prepared, agile and decisive – true in good times, even more so in testing ones. Brand actions matter – and brands will be rewarded, or not, based on how they were perceived during difficult times. This panel will examine the three phases of managing your brand through a crisis as it begins, peaks and your company comes out the other side.

Join us on April 21 at Noon CDT for “Steering Your Brand Through Crisis,” a webinar from Comcast Business. Our panel will discuss the keys to successfully be managing your brand and messaging through the three phases of any crisis: at its inception, as it grows and peaks, and, finally, as your brand emerges from the disruption.


  • Lou Aversano, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy & Mather USA